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TIMMES' ORCHARD II—The All American 82nd Airborne Division is a new VARIANT Historical Module for owners of Beyond Valor(tm) and/or Paratrooper(tm) that tells the story of the Battle of Normandy from the perspective of the 82nd Airborne Division, the American paratroopers tasked with protecting the Utah Beach exits from the Hitlerian boast that the invaders would be...driven back into the sea...and the efforts of the tyrant's generals to carry out that wish.

LES HEUTES, NORMANDY, 8 June 1944: By D+2 Lt. Colonel Timmes and his men received an enormous psychological boost in the form of a telephone line across the marsh to the far shore of the Merderet River. He also had the shaken glidermen who had fallen back to the orchard after the confusion of the night. As dawn broke, the men of the 1/325th were in the process of regrouping, and had yet to dig in. There was no relief in sight for Timmes and his men. The “secret ford” was a precarious lifeline, swept by fire and barely usable during daylight hours. As casualties continued to mount among the men in the orchards scores of wounded threatened to overwhelm the wholly inadequate medical facilities. And the German determination to retake the crossing would soon prove to be undiminished.


A large-hex 22” x 34” two-piece color map on heavyweight stock; researched onsite by designer Ian Daglish;
A historical and scenario summary booklet PLUS variant rules;
8 Scenarios printed on heavyweight cards (one scenario is a bonus scenario that requires ownership of KELLAMS BRIDGE, now out of print) -- all use the LATEST NEW ART;
A FREE sheet of Kellam's Bridge counter with 82nd AB patch SMC/MMCs

Group: Advanced Squad Leader (Critical Hit)
Theme : Advanced Squad Leader Series

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