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Next War: Supplement #3

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Theme:      21st Century      Pre-Order     

Available for Pre-Order. Nearing Art Dept. Readiness (some have components with an artist now, but the whole project isn't yet in the art department)

This third Next War supplement will contain the following items:

  • An expansion map containing the rest of Kaliningrad and a larger portion of Lithuania including the strategically important railroad connection.
  • Optional expansion map which depict the islands of Bornholm and Gotland as hex based maps as well as rules to integrate them into the game.
  • Two counter sheets containing additional and updated counters for most of the nationalities in Poland including:
    • New and additional ground OOB for Russia
    • Typhoons w/ Meteor
    • Additional ground units for Poland
    • Belgian F-35s
    • US F/A-18s w/ AMRAAMs
    • Belarus Su-30s
  • Additional counters for other games in the series including:
    • Indian S-400s
    • PRC DF21s/26s
    • Updated ROK Order of Battle for Next War: Korea (either edition)
  • Additional counters and Player Aid Cards for revamped Cyber Warfare rules.
  • A few optional rules.


Game Designer: Mitchell Land

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