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Enlightened Warlords: A Player's Guide to Soldier Kings

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Theme:      7YW / Revolution     

The Seven Years’ War lasted for seven years in Europe, and a little longer everywhere else. Two implacable, interlocking conflicts — Austria vs. Prussia and Britain vs. France — convulsed Europe, India, North America and other regions in the most expensive war the world had seen to date.

Enlightened Warlords is a 64-page book supplement for Soldier Kings, our multi-player game of the Seven Years War. It includes game strategy for all eight Major Powers, a history of the Seven Years War, and a number of new variants to spice up your game:

National Aspirations. Austria can win the game by capturing Martinique — but Maria Theresa wanted Silesia, not some Caribbean island, no matter how valuable it might be. Each Major Power receives a new set of national objectives unique to itself and usually conflicting with someone else’s goals.

Special Powers. Prussian counterfeiting, France’s free press, Austria’s Military Border and much more. Each Major Power becomes even more unique in play.

Pre-War Options: Habsburg Spain, the Maratha Empire, Bonnie Price Charlie. How would each of these unusual events have impacted the next generation?

And Lots More Options: Tropical diseases, national finance limits, supply, capital cities and on and on.

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