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French & Indian Wars

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The French & India War: Struggle for the New World (F&IW), is a wargame simulating the conflict between the British and French Empires in North America, 1754-60, which eventually became part of the Seven Years War in Europe. The French initially won several stunning victories, but in the end the British triumphed, though that would set the stage for the American Revolution.

F&IW is a two player game. The British player controls the forces of the British Empire and its American colonies. The French player controls the forces of the French Empire, its colonies and Indian allies in North America. Players must use a combination of military strength, economic management and diplomatic skill to seize control of the continent.

Each game turn represents one year, and each impulse one season of operations. Each map square is 150 kilometers across. Regiments represent 250-1,000 men. Each leader represents a single person plus his personal command staff. Designed by Joseph Miranda.

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