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Laudau or death!

Number: 141

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VV141 Laudau or death Map
VV141 Laudau or death Counters

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Theme:      7YW / Revolution      Magazines and Books      Solitaire     



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  • Kolwezi at the Château de Vincennes

Art of War

  • Hoche and the fight for Alsace 1793-1794

Wargame (with die-cut counters) 

  • Laudau or death! (See also Hoche et la Lutte Pour l'Alsace)
    " Landau or death!" Was the rallying cry of General Hoche's Army of the Moselle. 
    In this second opus of the "Great Tactic", two French armies separated by the Vosges face the Prussian and Austrian armies for the control of Landau, besieged by the Duke of Brunswick and about to fall. Players will have to maneuver through the Vosges to surprise their opponent and overwhelm him. 
    Three scenarios, including two playable alone, will relive the campaign of the Palatinate and the Rhine Valley, a battle of Wissembourg to another 

    A pawn = 1 PF = 1000 men 
    A hexagon = 6 km 
    One turn = a day

Available with French rules, but English rules can be downloaded from Vae Victis website.

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