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Soldier Kings: The Seven Years War Worldwide (2nd Ed.)

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Theme:      7YW / Revolution     

Soldier Kings: The Seven Years War Worldwide (2nd Edition)

Travel back to where global strategy all began with Soldier Kings, our multiplayer game of the Seven Years War worldwide! Two to eight players take the roles of Frederick the Great, Empress Maria Theresa, and the other monarchs of Europe, vying for glory, empire, and most importantly, MONEY!!!

Simple yet elegant rules let you bring enlightened empire to the world, while historically-accurate event cards let you thwart your enemies' plans at the worst possible moments. Scenarios offer everything from one-on-one duels playable in less than an hour, all the way up to a campaign game where great generals and admirals fight running battles all over the globe. Sudden-death victory rules keep players looking over their shoulders lest some upstart snatch victory before anyone can react. And of course, it's loaded with the gorgeous graphics you've come to expect from Avalanche Press.

Use your silver tongue to make alliances with other players and bend them to your will! Wheel and deal for control of troops and territory! Bribe and intimidate small countries till they rally to your flag! And always be careful to manage your resources so your enemies run out of money and manpower before you do!
For 2-8 players, ages 10 & up.

Components: 305 playing pieces, two 17”x22” maps, 8 page rule book.

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