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The American Civil War 1861-1865

Number: 93

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The American Civil War 93 Map
The American Civil War 93 Counters

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Very Good condition, Punched Copy.

This is a grand strategic game about the War Between the States. The US player controls the Union forces under Abraham Lincoln; the CSA player controls the Confederate forces under Jefferson Davis.


  • 22"X34" mapsheet (35 miles/hex)
  • 16-page rules booklet
  • 200 counters representing leaders, headquarters, troops, and riverine units.


Leaders are introduced over the course of the game (each game turn represents 3 months real time) and are activated using 'Command Points'. Each game turn consists of activating and rallying troops, supplying troops (including Port blockades), adding reinforcements, fortifying positions, activating Naval units, and then three separate movement/combat phases are executed.

On the game turn track is listed a differential in victory points that the CSA player must obtain to win the game (which increases as the game progresses). If the CSA player does not achieve this total by the end of the Spring, 1865 turn he loses.

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