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ASL Action Pack #6: A Decade of War 1936-1945

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A Decade of War, the sixth "action pack" for Advanced Squad Leader, covers nearly ten years of world-wide conflict, from the 1936 Fascist drive to capture Madrid during the Spanish Civil War, to Japanese engagements with the Allies in Asia and the Philippines, to the death throes of the Third Reich on the Eastern Front.

The ten scenarios spanning this period were developed with tournament players in mind, and are designed for an "expert" level of game knowledge; yet they are accessible to the casual player as well since A Decade of War includes, for the first time, optional "Australian Balancing System" (ABS) provisions for each scenario. (ABS was devised almost two decades ago to allow for scenario side selection via a series of escalating handicap bids. Each player secretly bids on which side and at what handicap level they wish to play; the higher the bid, the greater the handicap.)

Three double-sided 11x16 mounted maps, including a unique river bend, round out the package. Each is completely geomorphic, and compatible with previous ASL mapboards. Offering new and novel map configurations, these are sure to spark the interest of designers and players alike.

A Decade of War contains: 

  • 3 ASL 11x16 double-sided geomorphic mapboards (laJb, 2aJb, 3a1b)
  • 10 ASL scenarios featuring the new maps.



  • AP53 Far From Home - 7 turns, 18 December 1936, Boadilla del Monte, Spain
  • AP54 800 Heroes - 51/2 turns, 29 October 1937, Shanghai, China
  • AP55 The Generalissimo'S Own- 6 1/2 turns, 26 May 1938, Lanfeng, China
  • AP56 Quagmire - 10 turns, 22 September 1939, Shangfu, China
  • AP57 Kleckerweise - 9 turns, 14 May 1940, Bulson Road, France
  • AP58 Sat Sri Akal! - 7 turns, 2 January 1942, Kampar, Malaya
  • AP59 Taking Heads - 6 1/2 turns, I January 1942, Concepcion, Luzon
  • AP60 Nisbne, Nyet! - 7 1/2 turns, 10 February 1943, Nishne-Gnilovskaya, Russia
  • AP61 Desobry Defiant - 7 turns, 19 December 1944, Noville, Belgium
  • AP62 Shouting into the Storm - 6 1/2 turns, 8 February 1945, Klein-Silber, Germany


A Decade of War is not a complete product, and assumes the buyer owns the core Advanced Squad Leader game system.

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