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ASL Deluxe Pack #1

Price £64.95

Product Description

Theme:      ASL     

Well..... 7 new boards, 12 scenarios and depending on its success, maybe some more Deluxe in the future


The Deluxe Pack #1 contains 12 scenarios, with only one needing a map not contained in the pack. Everything else is self contained regarding maps !

FT 197 Spoiled Afternoon 4,5 turns Poland, 1939-09-08 Maps d3,d5
FT 198 Full of Fire 4,5 turns France, 1944-06-06 Maps d1,d4
FT 199 Playing Uno 5,5 turns Burma, 1943-04-28 Maps d2,d6
FT 200 Coconut K 5,5 turns Saipan, 1944-07-06 Maps d2,d6
FT 201 Communications breakdown 6 turns Burma, 1945-03-01 Maps d3,d4,d6
FT 202 Burma Bandits 6 turns Burma, 1945-05 Maps d1,d2,d5,d7
FT 203 Hara Kiri gulch 6 turns Saipan, 1944-07-06 Maps d2,d4,d6
FT 204 Fear Naught 7 turns France, 1940-05-23 Maps d5,e
FT 205 Scraggy 5 turns India, 1944-04-20 Maps d2,d6,d7
FT 206 FDL Chaung 6 turns Burma, 1943-03-18 Map d3
FT 207 The Last Pillbox 5,5 turns Marshalls, 194-02-02 Maps d3,d4,d5
FT 208 To Have and to Hold 7 turns USSR, 1942-02-24 Maps d1,d5

Please note that no counters are included in this pack. Counters shown in this page are just a sample of our new artwork as seen on the scenario sheets, for the pleasure of the eye.

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