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ASL Journal 2 (Reprint)

Number: 2

Price £44.95
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Theme:      ASL     

The setting is Okinawa April 1945 and centers on the Kakazu Ridge area, an insignificant looking little hill occupied by the Japanese 13th Independent Battalion (who were willing to die in place fighting for their Emperor). US intelligence had failed to realize just how extensive the enemy was entrenched in this area. There are 7 pre-set cave complexes used in the various scenarios.

ASL Journal #2 contains a lot of ASL material in a magazine format. 'ASL Journal #2 contains 24 ASL scenarios, a full-sized (22"x32") historical map of Kakazu Ridge (Okinawa) two countersheets, and some necessary rulebook pages (Chapter Z rule additions).

Journal #2 Scenarios (scenario J13-J17 use Kakazu Ridge map):

ASL Scenario J13 The Gorge
ASL Scenario J14 On the Hoss' Side
ASL Scenario J15 Turning Off the Spigot
ASL Scenario J16 Kakazu's Tombs
ASL Scenario J17 Clearing Kakazu
ASL Scenario J18 The Pinnacle
ASL Scenario J19 Merzenhausen Zoo
ASL Scenario J20 The Guns of Naro
ASL Scenario J21 Scobie Preserves
ASL Scenario J22 Oh Joy!
ASL Scenario J23 Kampfgruppe at Karachev
ASL Scenario J24 Smashing the 3rd
ASL Scenario J25 The Weigh In
ASL Scenario J26 Round Two
ASL Scenario J27 High Tide at Heiligenbeil
ASL Scenario J28 Inhumaine
ASL Scenario PB6a It's About Time
ASL Scenario J29 The Capture of Balta
ASL Scenario J30 Nocturnal Attrition
ASL Scenario J31 Lovat First Sight
ASL Scenario J32 Panzer Graveyard
ASL Scenario J33 The Slaughterhouse
ASL Scenario J34 Men of the Mountains
ASL Scenario J35 Siam Sambal

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