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Schwerpunkt: Florida Tournament

Number: 11

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Theme:      WW2      ASL     

This issue's 24-page booklet contains three articles: Evan Sherry's, Beyond the Cardboard: The Japanese Infantry Company, Platoon, and Squad in ASL and Incoming: Reacting to Off-board Artillery along with Rusty Witek's The Languages of ASL: The Rulebook as Anti-Text, as well as our trademark analyses and designer's notes for Scenarios SP121-SP132. Each of the 12 scenarios are printed on cardstock in our easy-to-read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. There's something is this pack for players of all experience levels!

SP121 Danger Close!: Elements of the 990th Volkgrenadier Division, supported by three Hetzers, attack a dug-in U.S. Infantry Company from the 99th (Checkerboard Division). This 4.5 turn tournament action is set on boards 32 and 38. You're sure to get a "bang" out of the Americans' Pre-registered 150mm OBA.

SP122 Constant Sorrow: Schwerpunkt's Jagdtiger saga continues with a Free French combined arms attack on boards 22 and 49, where Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 653 (with some Volksgrenadiers) attempts to hold onto Klingenberg, Germany. This 6.5 turn gem is good for an afternoon of gaming.

SP123 The Badger's Breath: This action is Schwerpunkt's first scenario (and one of the very few ASL scenarios) to feature the Badger flamethrower vehicle. Fallschirmjagers and StuG IIIGs attack boards 46 and 47 to clear elements of the Canadian 5th Armoured Division from Voorthuizen, Holland.

SP124 Expelling the Guards: This is Eastern Front turnips and cabbage ASL in the Hill 621 tradition. Elements of the 3rd Panzer Division attack across board 18 to clear the well-entrenched Russian 34th Guards Rifle Regiment from overlay Hi7 on board 44. This thrilling 6.5 turn scenario has lots of options and re-playability.

SP125 Nunshigum: You asked for Gurkhas and Schwerpunkt delivers again. This fast-paced (all infantry) PTO tournament action has the 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion attacking to clear the Japanese 15th Infantry from the heights of a board 50 ridge. You're sure to draw blood with your Kukri in this scenario!

SP126 Malignant Mahrattas: The 4/5 Mahrattas, 23 Indian Infantry Division defend a board 32 roadblock and attempt to interdict the road on board 50, while Japanese 33rd Infantry Division attempts to clear the way. This 5.5 turn tournament-level PTO scenario is a thriller.

SP127 Bleed Gurkha Bleed!: Hugh Downing's Gurkha saga continues with another all-infantry PTO battle. The 17th Indian Infantry Division attempts to defend a series of hills near Sittang, Burma on boards 32 and 50. The 55th Japanese Infantry Regiment has a flamethower to cauterize any Gurkha's bleeding wounds.

SP128 Rupee Reward: Brian Williams returns to Burma with another PTO masterpiece. This 5.5 turn tournament-level scenario is a Chinese attack across board 38 to seize the Japanese held village on board 42.

SP129 Locking Horns at Lozovaja: Finished hacking through Burma, scenario designer, Brian Williams ventured to the Eastern Front. This all-day sucker of a scenario has a stubborn Guards Infantry Company and T-34s defending boards 49 and 22 against a StuG IIIG-supported, Das Reich infantry attack. This scenario has lots of tactical options and is sure to have players wanting to play it again.

SP130 The Tiger's Whiskers: No volume of Schwerpunkt is complete without a Tiger tank scenario, so ace scenario designer, Pete Shelling, made sure we got his feline masterpiece. SS infantry, motorcycles and four Tiger tanks attack the Russian 29th Anti-Tank Brigade on boards 18 and 19 in an attempt to reach Prokhorovka. This tourna-max level scenario will test both the Russian's deception plan and the German's panzer tactics.

SP131 Pocket Panzers: Market-Garden scholar, Mike Faulkner designed this 7-turn German counterattack (on boards 22 and 44) against the American 101st Airborne and Cromwells and Challengers from 15/19 Kings Own Royal Hussars. This combined arms action will allow you to practice all you know about surviving an OBA attack.

SP132 Timmerman's Bridge: Veteran scenario designer, Bill Sisler, is back with his classic action at the Remagen Bridge. Here, elements of the 9th Armored Division (including rare Pershing tanks) attack to seize the vital Ludendorf Bridge across the Rhine. See if you can help Lt. Karl Timmerman and Sgt. Alex Drabik take the bridge from the rag-tag group of German convalescent and replacement troops.

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