Air & Armor

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Air & Armor is a simulation of near future combat in a Warsaw Pact invasion of West Germany, taking place on 50 miles of the Inter-German border near Wurzburg and Schweinfurt in the US VII Corps sector. Units represent companies, battalions and regiments supported by a wide range of helicopters and attack aircraft.

Instead of granting NATO units combat strengths far higher than the Soviet strengths to compensate for inferior numbers, the game emphasizes the doctrinal and command differences between the opposing armies that provide NATO with the force multiplier it needs to survive. Players operate asymmetric command systems, and each is challenged to get the most out of his system. The game system also creates a true "fog of war" environment in which deception, outguessing your opponent and tactical surprise can pay off handsomely.

Game Scale:
1 hex = 1 mile
1 turn = 2 hours (day), 6 hours (night)
Each unit step = 1 company or Warsaw Pact artillery battalion, 3-4 aircraft

Turn Sequence:
1. Warsaw Pact Planning Phase
2. Initiative Phase
3. Mission Phase (players alternate)
4. Reserve Phase
5. Bookkeeping Phase


• 1 22x34 inch full color map
• 600 full color playing pieces
• 3 full color track displays
• 32 page Standard Rules booklet
• 24 page Advanced Rules booklet
• 1 decimal die
• 1 storage tray.

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