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Rome at War: Fading Legions

Number: 2

Price £44.95
Game Series
RaW Fading Legions Counter A5
RaW Fading Legions Counter B7
RaW Fading Legions Counter C1
RaW Fading Legions Info7

Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Solitaire     

The last true Roman armies try to stave off invasions by Germans, Persians and Gauls between 357 and 378 AD. Includes the battles of Strasbourg (357 AD), Tigris (May, 363), Ctesiphon (May, 363), Megara (June,363), Phrygia (June, 363), Sumere (June, 363), Nacolia (366), Argentum (376), Ad Salices (377), Dibaltum (377) and Adrianople (378).

Fading Legions is a stand alone addition to the Rome At War system of games.

Components: 242 playing pieces, 2 hardmounted maps, 16 pages rule book, 20 pages scenario book, dice.

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