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Great Battles of Lacedaemon: (Amphipolis, Coronea, Leuctra & Mantinea)

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Violent Schoolmaster Tactical Series

The Pre-Modern Era Tactics Series (PMETS) is (again) inspired by the late John Young and his PRESTAGS series for SPI. PMETS will cover all eras of warfare from the beginning of history until the 17th century. This series is possible because warfare changed relatively little between this period until the wars of the 17th century developed Pike & Shot tactics and the era of combined arms started to develop.

The first game in the PMET series of games focuses on Lacedamemon, otherwise known to us in the modern era as Sparta. Lacedemonia was the dominant land power in the ancient Greek world, establishing its hegemony over the Peloponnese peninsula sometime after the collapse of the Bronze Age. After years of internal struggle and intrigue, Sparta emerged from it’s borders putting down tyrants creating allies across the region forming what today is called the Peloponnese league

4 critical battles in Sparta’s history are presented in a clean, accurate, and playable format which promises not to get bogged down in minutia. A simple command system sees leaders able to allow units to their move and grant benefits to units in combat, or units suffering from adverse results in combat, though this can sometimes result in the worsening quality of the leader. Like its ancestor the PRESTAGS system, each hex in PMETS represents about 50 meters from hexside to hexside. Each unit represents a company/squadron of 100-150 mean and/or horses. Each turn represents 5 minutes of real time. Units from Thebes, Corinth, Athens, Macedonia, and several others localities are represented in game.

WEIGHT: 4/6-10

(Note: Components are not set yet, while 4 battles are included, this does not guarantee 4 individual maps will come with the game. More information in regards to exact components will be posted as development proceeds.)

Design by Ray Weiss
Developed by Matt Ward

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