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Hellespont 411-410 BC

Number: 139

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Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Magazines and Books     

Hellespont (411-410 BC.) is the inserted game of VaeVictis magazine #139 and 4th game in the VaeVictis series The Peloponnesian War. It focuses on the victorious campaigns of Alcibiades against Mindarus of Sparta.

In three great battles, Cynossema, Abydos and Cyzicus, the Athenian flotilla takes back control of the straits and Alcibiades proclaims his status as saviour.

Hellespont is characteristic of an particularly equally balanced situation and ratio of power, even if the Athenian commanders have more experience than their rivals. The operations are principally naval and give the Persian army the opportunity to intervene directly. Hellespont uses the great mechanisms of the series with some adjustments necessary for its specific scale”.

Game scale : One strength point (SP) represents, according to the type of units, 1 trireme, 100 cavaliers, 150 hoplites, 200 peltasts and acontistes (light infantry) or 250 archers and rebels.
One game turn represents one months of real time.

Available with French rules, but English rules can be downloaded from Vae Victis website.

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