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RECONQUISTA: The Struggle for Moorish Spain (Boxed)

Price £55.95
RECONQUISTA The Struggle for Moorish Spain Rear
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RECONQUISTA The Struggle for Moorish Spain Contents
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Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Solitaire     

Boxed Version. 

Designed by David Kershaw (Vietnam Solitaire, The Confederate Rebellion), Reconquista is a solitaire game simulating the reconquest of Moorish Spain by various Christian Kingdoms between the 8th and 15th centuries. As the player, you command the armies of Christendom attempting to recapture Spain from the Moors. Starting off with a small part of Northern Spain, the player purchases Armies and cities, with the goal of defeating the Moslem forces and reconquering Iberia for Christendom. Game play involves battles, sieges, random events, and the actions of the Moslem forces, controlled by the game. Random events include Viking raiders, French intervention, Famine, Rebellions, Religious strife, Christian Military Orders, and more.

Game Components:

  • 20-Page Rulebook with 19 Scenarios
  • 88 5-8 inch Thick, Laser-Cut Counters and Markers
  • 45 Larger Laser-Cut Markers
  • 17" x 11" Game Map
  • Player Reference Sheet

Game Features:

  • Rebellions
  • Random Events
  • Sieges
  • Income
  • Battle
  • Cities
  • Fortifications
  • Solitaire Rules
  • 19 Different Scenarios

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