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Solitaire Caesar: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire 350BC – 1453AD (Folio)

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Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Solitaire     

Folio Version.

In Solitaire Caesar, the Player commands Roman forces attempting to build an empire that will last as long as possible. Threats come from a variety of Civilized and Uncivilized Barbarian (non-Roman) opponents, while the internal stability of the empire is reduced. A typical game should take about 60 minutes to play.

Game Contents:

  • 8-Page Rulebook
  • 176 Single-Sided, 5-8" Counters and Markers
  • 17" x 11" Game Board
  • Player Reference Card

Game Features:

  • Generate Roman Income
  • Build Cities and Raise Legions
  • AI Rules for Barbarian Movement
  • Roman Combat
  • Barbarian Combat
  • Hail, Caesar! Optional Rule
  • Pestilence, Famine, and Revolt Optional Rule
  • Skilled General Optional Rule
  • Two Shorter Scenarios



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