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Trajan: The Roman Campaign in the East

Number: 145

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Trajan The Roman Campaign in the East 145 Map
Trajan The Roman Campaign in the East 145 Counters

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Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Magazines and Books      Pre-Owned      Punched     

Product condition: used

Very Good Condition, Punched Copy.

S&T #145 5/91

Applied Wargaming Matthew Caffrey
FYI A. A. Nofi
Naval Weaponry In the 90's Dan Verssen
Simulation: Trajan Joseph Miranda

Trajan is a two player wargame covering the military campaigns of Roman Emperor Marcus Ulpius Nerva Trajan from 114 to 117 AD. The game is strategic in scale, with units representing Roman and Parthian forces, and their allies. The mapsheet, overlaid with a hexagonal grid, covers an area corresponding approximately to modern day Iraq, Iran and Kuwait.

The game system is later extended to Roman Civil War (S&T #157), Caesar in Gallia (S&T #165) and Germania (S&T #175). The maps of these games can also be combined to replace the function of off-board boxes.

Game components consist of mapsheet, counters, rules and game charts.

Trajan Joseph Miranda

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