Armada: The War with Spain Dec. 1586 - Oct. 1588 (2nd Edition)

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Armada: The War with Spain, 1585-1604 S. Hart
Briefings Editors
Modern Naval Radar Jamming Editors
Data File: Roman Siege Warfare Editors
Ships that Controlled the Seas Editors
For Your Eyes Only Editors
Mechanized Warfare in the 1980's Charles Kamps, Jr.
Simulation: Armada S. Hart, B. Nosworthy, R.A. Simonsen

Armada is a grand strategic simulation of the two critical years in the Anglo-Spanish conflict that raged into the opening years of the Seventeenth Century. Emphasis is placed on the financial planning that was concomitant to any campaign. Each Player, but especially the Spanish, has substantial resources. However, just as in the historical situation, each Player must carefully plan a cost-efficient strategy. [-from the rules 1.0]

The first edition rules were considered unworkable. A copy of the second edition set of rules issued by SPI has been included.