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Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

BASTOGNE OR BUST is a single-map, regimental treatment of the Battle of the Bulge. This is a PLAYER'S game! Designed on purpose to be as much a warGAME as it is a (Danny Parker vetted) simulation. Referred to affectionately by wargamers as BOB, we like to refer to it as “The World's Finest Bulge Game.” The designer addresses a number of issues common to most Bulge games, including:

  • OFF BOARD MOVEMENT CHART [what happens to all those pieces that 'exit the map, and how does it affect the battle?']
  • STACKING POINTS [one of the greatest mechanics of all time - why don't designers use it more often?]
  • COMMAND & CONTROL [divisional bonuses for unit cohesiveness]
  • SUPPLY DIFFERENCES [different effects on ALLIES vs GERMANS]
  • INITIATIVE REWARDED [essentially, the 5-1 column on the CRT is gone]
  • NO OVERRUN [squads held crossroads against regiments]
  • NO WEATHER RULES [weather is reflected in air support]
  • VON DER HYDTE [ALWAYS gets on the board]
  • STREAMLINED PLAY [I don't need water allocation points]


So, what can you expect to be different in this new Designer's Edition from the previous 1st and 2nd Editions?

  • one ‘errata’ change line within the rulebook (the obvious spelled out)
  • 8 counters were errated to receive Road Bonus Movement status
  • all Combat Engineer units may now repair/construct bridges
  • all new DEC 10 & DEC 16 Tournament Scenarios
  • 30-40 additional counters (new units per Danny Parker research, and DEC 10 scenario)
  • new German OOA
  • new Allied OOA


BASTOGNE OR BUST: Designer’s Edition includes:

  • 1 piece map
  • Off Board Movement Chart and Turn Track card
  • 616 large, thick die-cut counters
  • 4 OOA/OOB set-up cards (Campaign, DEC 16, and DEC 10 scenarios)
  • 2 Player Aid cards
  • 20 pg rulebook
  • the ubiquitous pair of D6


Game Design & Development: Chester Hendrix • Counters: Steve Bradford & Chester Hendrix • Map: Steven

Oliver & Chester Hendrix • Publisher: Blue Panther LLC


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