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Cortes et la conquete du Mexique (Cortés and the conquest of Mexico)

Number: 137

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Game Series
VV137 Map
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Product Description

Theme:      Colonial Wars      Magazines and Books     

The game Cortés and the conquest of Mexico – 1519-1521 is part of the L’or & l’acier (Gold and Steel) series. It simulates on the strategic and tactical levels the campaign led by Hernán Cortés and the conquistadors that led to the conquest of the Aztec empire.

A combatants counter represents 40 to 4,000 foot soldiers or 30 cavaliers on the recto and half that number on the verso. An artillery counter represents ten cannon, including all types and calibers. A turn lasts 2 months and the game is played in 14 turns. In this game, the Spanish camp (Spain) faces off against and the Indian camp (Mexico). The Indian camp player commands all the Indian peoples, except when Tlaxcala, Texcoco or Other peoples become allies of the Spanish.

Available with French rules, but English rules can be downloaded from Vae Victis website.

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