Command Magazine (Hamburger Hill/Operation Solace)

Number: 5

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1Command 5 Cover
2Command 5 Map

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Theme:      Vietnam War      Magazines and Books     

Product condition: used

Good Condition Part-Punched Copy. Magazine is noticeably worn/grubby. Counters are bagged/sorted. Operation Solace sheet remains unpunched and the variant counters (Triumph of the Will) are present.

"Hamburger Hill: The Tactics of Futility is a recreation of the bloody assault by three battalions of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division (with some help by the South Vietnamese (ARVN) 1st Division) against two battalions of the North Vietnamese Army's vaunted 29th Infantry Regiment dug in on a hill known as Dong Ap Bai, in the A Shau Valley of what was then South Vietnam."

Scale: 240 meter hexes, variable length turns (5-120 minutes), company/platoon sized units.

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