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C3I Magazine

Waterloo Deluxe Edition

Waterloo brought to an end the dreams of one Napoleon Bonaparte. But w

Final price: £47.95

Kursk Deluxe Edition

Kursk was more than just the singular battle, it was an entire series

Final price: £47.95

C3I Magazine - Plan Orange. Number 29

Issue 29 includes Plan Orange as well as scenarios for GMT Games' Hopl

Final price: £31.95

C3I Magazine: South Pacific. Number 30

South Pacific: Breaking the Bismark Barrier, 1942-43

Final price: £31.95

C3I Magazine: The Battle of Wakefield. Number 31

The Battle of Wakefield a War of the Roses game & new variant scenario

Final price: £31.95

C3I Magazine: Battle of Gettysburg/Battle of Issy. Number 32

Features the standalone historical wargame “The Battle of Issy” by

Final price: £36.95

C3I Magazine: Waterloo Campaign 1815. Number 33

C3i Nr 33 features a meaty 67-page magazine, 24-page rulebook and play

Final price: £36.95

C3I Magazine: The Battle for Kursk. Number 34

Nr 34's featured game, Kursk: The Tigers Are Burning 1943, puts you in

Final price: £33.95

C3I Magazine: Burma: The Forgotten War, 1943-1944. Number 35

C3i Nr 35 features Mark Herman's "Burma: The Forgotten War, 1943-1944.

Final price: £39.95

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