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Alea Iacta Est

Alea Iacta Est is a strategic historical wargame for two players. It n

Final price: £23.95

Ligny & Wavre 1815: The Empire's Last Victories

Covers the battles which occurred on June 16th, 18th and 19th, during

Final price: £28.95

Marignan 1515: The Ride of Francis I in Italy

This is an historical simulation of the 5th War of Italy - July 1515 t

Final price: £25.95

Normandy 1944: A Bloody Summer

Normandy 1944: A Bloody Summer is a two player divisional scale wargam

Base price: £29.95
Final price: £24.95
17% discount!

Swords of Sovereignty: Bouvines 1214/Worringen 1288 (FRENCH)

11th module in the series Au Fil de l'Epée (By The Edge of the Sword)

Final price: £22.95

The Berezina 1812

Covers the battles which unfolded between November 21 and 28, 1812, fo

Final price: £23.95

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