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Battle Line (8th Printing)

A two-player card game built around the theme of warfare during the ag

Sales price: £19.95

Commands & Colors: Medieval

Introduces many new game concepts to the Commands & Colors system

Sales price: £67.95

Fields of Fire Vol. II: With The Old Breed

A solitaire game system where the challenge is one of commanding a rif

Sales price: £73.95

Holland '44 Mounted Maps

Two mounted maps for Mark Simonitch's Holland '44: one 22 x 34" map a

Sales price: £24.95

Peloponnesian War: 431-404 BC

Enhanced version of the original Peloponnesian War design that was ori

Sales price: £61.95

The Last Hundred Yards

Introduces innovative systems intended to model Small Unit Behavior in

Sales price: £55.95

Rise Of The Luftwaffe plus Module: Winter War 1939-40. Number

Very Good Condition Part-Punched Copy, includes Module: Winter War 193

Base price: £74.95
Sales price: £55.95
25% discount!

Andean Abyss (2nd Printing). Number 1

Takes 1 to 4 players into this multifaceted campaign for control of Co

Base price: £74.95
Sales price: £61.95
17% discount!

Andean Abyss 2nd Ed. Update Kit. Number 1

This update kit includes the components necessary to upgrade 1st editi

Sales price: £19.95

Won by the Sword: Great Campaigns of the Thirty Years War. Number 1

Great Campaigns of the Thirty Years War - Including UPDATE KIT

Base price: £51.95
Sales price: £49.95
4% discount!

Combat Commander - Mediterranean 1st Edition. Number 2

Excellent condition unpunched copy Combat Commander: Volume II - Medi

Base price: £75.95
Sales price: £49.95
34% discount!

Sales price: £30.95

SPQR (1st Edition). Number 2

Very Good Condition Punched Copy. Counters are bagged/sorted. Minor sh

Base price: £125.00
Sales price: £31.95
74% discount!

SPQR: Deluxe Edition (2nd Printing). Number 2

A re-working of the classic GMT game of warfare in the age of the Roma

Base price: £94.95
Sales price: £89.95
5% discount!

A Distant Plain - Insurgency in Afghanistan (Third Printing). Number 3

Takes 1 to 4 players into the Afghan conflict of today’s headlines,

Sales price: £77.95
Base price: £88.95
Sales price: £79.95
10% discount!

Zero!. Number 3

Shop-spoiled copy. Never played, cards are sealed, counters unpunched,

Base price: £49.95
Sales price: £39.95
20% discount!

Zero!. Number 3

Excellent Condition Unpunched Copy. Never played, cards removed from s

Base price: £49.95
Sales price: £44.95
10% discount!

Fire in the Lake 2nd Ed. Update Kit. Number 4

This update kit includes the components necessary to upgrade the 1st e

Sales price: £44.95

Fire in the Lake: Reprint Edition. Number 4

Reprint Edition. Vietnam, 1964. Volume IV in GMT’s COIN Series.

Base price: £75.95
Sales price: £69.95
8% discount!

C3I Magazine. Number 5

Game Modules Russo-Finnish Winter War" Down In Flames campaign

Sales price: £24.95

Barbarossa: Crimea. Number 6

GMT is proud to present Vance von Borries’ sixth epic game in his aw

Sales price: £74.95

C3I Magazine. Number 6

Game Modules The Battle of Telamon, 225BC The defeat at Telamon was

Sales price: £21.95

Combat Commander Battle Pack Sea Lion. Number 6

Combat Commander: Battle Pack #6 – Sea Lion is the sixth themed col

Base price: £26.95
Sales price: £21.95
19% discount!

Falling Sky (Second Printing). Number 6

Takes 1 to 4 players into the military actions and complex politics o

Base price: £79.95
Sales price: £67.95
15% discount!

Pensacola. Number 6

Pits a numerically large but fragile Spanish army, supported by a smal

Base price: £58.95
Sales price: £34.95
41% discount!

Twin Peaks: The Battles of Cedar Mountain & South Mountain. Number 6

Twin Peaks is the seventh instalment in the Great Battles of the Ameri

Sales price: £58.95

Combat Commander - Tournament Battle Pack. Number 7

Combat Commander: Tournament Battle Pack

Base price: £17.95
Sales price: £14.95
17% discount!

Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah. Number 7

Seventh instalment of the Great Battles of the American Civil War (GBA

Sales price: £88.95

Germantown, 1777. Number 7

The Battle of Germantown took place on October 4, 1777, outside the ci

Sales price: £45.95

Cataphract: The Reconquest of the Roman Empire (Reprint Edition). Number 8

Available for Pre-Order. ETA Late 2019. Portrays the development of th

Base price: £69.95
Sales price: £62.95
10% discount!

Newtown / Oriskany . Number 8

Volume VIII introduces several new features to the core series rules i

Base price: £51.95
Sales price: £34.95
33% discount!

Gandhi : The Decolonization of British India, 1917–1947. Number 9

Volume IX in GMT’s acclaimed COIN Series. It explores one of the wor

Sales price: £74.95

The Battle of Rhode Island. Number 9

Available for Pre-Order. ETA Late 2019. Volume 9 in GMT’s Battles of

Base price: £58.95
Sales price: £52.95
10% discount!

C3I Magazine: Churchill. Number 28

C3i Magazine, Nr28 will be a 64-page, full-color issue. Includes Uncon

Sales price: £39.95

C3I Magazine - Plan Orange. Number 29

Issue 29 includes Plan Orange as well as scenarios for GMT Games' Hopl

Sales price: £37.95

C3I Magazine: South Pacific. Number 30

South Pacific: Breaking the Bismark Barrier, 1942-43

Sales price: £31.95

C3I Magazine: The Battle of Wakefield. Number 31

The Battle of Wakefield a War of the Roses game & new variant scenario

Sales price: £31.95

C3I Magazine: Battle of Gettysburg/Battle of Issy. Number 32

Features the standalone historical wargame “The Battle of Issy” by

Sales price: £33.95

Phalanx: Alexander Deluxe Module - 2nd Edition (2014). Number 1.1

2nd Edition (2014) Note: To play Diadochoi, you need a copy of Great

Sales price: £17.95

Diadochoi: Alexander Deluxe Module - 2nd Edition (2014). Number 1.2

2nd Edition (2014) Diadochoi covers the four major battles that took

Sales price: £17.95

Battles with the Gringos. Number 4.1

For everyone who enjoyed all the battles in GRINGO, as well as any gam

Base price: £20.95
Sales price: £14.95
29% discount!

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Julius Ceaser Module. Number 4.3

Ownership of Julius Ceasar required. The Battles of Nicopolis. 48 B.C

Base price: £14.95
Sales price: £10.95
27% discount!

Ariovistus: A Falling Sky Expansion. Number 6.1

ARIOVISTUS expands FALLING SKY to take 1-4 players back to Caesar’s

Base price: £37.95
Sales price: £33.95
11% discount!

Attila: Scourge of Rome. Number 8.1

Ownership of Cataphract required. The Utus - Attila vs Arnegisclus :

Sales price: £16.95

American Revolution Tri Pack. Number 1,2,3

AmRev series games all-in-one boxed package.

Base price: £58.95
Sales price: £53.95
8% discount!

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