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On November 27, 1950 , 100,000 Chinese attacked 28,500 American & Sout

Final price: £31.95

Space Nazis from Hell

Design by Paul Lidberg. Ship-to-Ship level. The war for the possession

Final price: £14.95

Troina '43

Battalion-Company level. American 1st Division units must close on k

Final price: £14.95

Drive on Frankfurt . Number 1

Operational level Modern combat in Europe fighting for the Fulda Gap,

Base price: £24.95
Final price: £14.95
40% discount!

Drive on Frankfurt . Number 1

Excellent condition un-punched copy (no magazine) Operational level Mo

Base price: £24.95
Final price: £14.95
40% discount!

Drive on Frankfurt . Number 1

Good condition punched copy (no magazine) Operational level Modern com

Base price: £24.95
Final price: £10.95
56% discount!

Lee Invades the North. Number 2

The 1862 and 1863 Confederate drives into Maryland and Pennsylvania. S

Base price: £19.95
Final price: £16.95
15% discount!

48th Panzer Korps: Battles on The River Chir. Number 3

48th PANZER KORPS Battles on The River Chir Design by James Zoldak Af

Base price: £27.95
Final price: £23.95
14% discount!

Korea '95. Number 4

Depicts the first month of war between North and South Korea during th

Final price: £21.95

KOREA 2005: The ROK Goes North. Number 4.1

An update and expansion for Korea '95 that appeared in CounterAttack m

Final price: £15.95

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