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Crusader. Number 5

Very good punched copy, counters and map in great condition, some comp

Base price: £64.95
Sales price: £47.95
26% discount!

Operation Michael: 1918. Number 9

March 21, 1918: General Ludendorff knows that the German army must ach

Sales price: £44.95

Guadalajara: The Spanish Civil War. Number 11

Guadalajara is the twelfth game in the Standard Combat Series.

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £28.95
3% discount!

Rock of the Marne. Number 12

Covers both the final attack of the German army in July 1918, and the

Sales price: £39.95

Karelia '44. Number 14

An operational level game that focuses on the last major campaign of t

Sales price: £41.95

Heights of Courage. Number 15

Heights of Courage is the 15th game in the award winning Standard Comb

Sales price: £37.95

It Never Snows: Operation Market Garden. Number 16

A Standard Combat Series (SCS) game covering the pivotal Market Garden

Sales price: £84.95

The Mighty Endeavor: Western Front 1944 - Expanded Edition. Number 17

Both an updated version covering the Western Front from the D-Day land

Sales price: £57.95

Day of Days: The Invasion of Normandy 1944. Number 18

Like It Never Snows did for Operation Market Garden, Day of Days takes

Sales price: £114.95

Panzer Battles: Chir River. Number 19

SCS game covering the classic mobile defensive battles of the 11th Pan

Sales price: £47.95

North Africa: Afrika Korps vs Desert Rats, 1940-42

Available for Pre-Order. Covers all of the fighting in the Western Des

Base price: £79.95
Sales price: £71.95
10% discount!

Rostov '41: Race to the Don (SCS)

Available for Pre-Order. A Standard Combat Series (SCS) game covering

Base price: £43.95
Sales price: £39.95
9% discount!

Iron Curtain: Central Europe: 1945-1989

Available for Pre Order. A Standard Combat Series (SCS) game covering

Base price: £82.95
Sales price: £74.95
10% discount!

Special Ops Issue #7: Autumn for Barbarossa

Standard Combat Series - Barbarossa + ASL + ASLSK scenarios.

Sales price: £25.95

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