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Bloody Steppes of Crimea: Alma – Balaclava – Inkerman 1854

Tactical game about three famous battles of Crimean War.

Sales price: £59.95

Battle of Grochow

Covers one of the most famous battles in the history of Polish army du

Sales price: £52.95

Battles of Black Cavalry

10 Cavalry Brigade/1 Armoured Division from Poland to Wilhelmshaven.

Sales price: £20.95

Bloody Fields of Mollwitz

The game simulates the first battle of King Frederick II of Prussia.

Sales price: £52.95

Farmers vs Empire: The Second Boer War & Bloody veld

Farmers vs. Empire" is a set of two wargames in one box. The Second Bo

Base price: £44.95
Sales price: £39.95
11% discount!

Festung Breslau 1945

"Fortress Breslau in 1945" explores how the events took place in the b

Base price: £44.95
Sales price: £40.95
9% discount!

Hill 262 - Chambois, 19 - 21st August 1944

"Hill 262 - Chambois, 19 - 21 August 1944" presents the Allied fights

Sales price: £44.95

How the West was Saved: the Russo - Polish War 1920

A strategic game for two players, depicting the events of the Polish-B

Sales price: £59.95

Maciejowice 1794

The last battle of the Kosciuszko Insurrection.

Sales price: £40.95

Maida 1806: Stuart vs. Reynier

Covers a small battle of the Napoleonic wars.

Sales price: £29.95

Mokra 1st September 1939

Poles from Wolynska Cavalry Brigade bravely resist the German 4th Panz

Sales price: £14.95

Primosole Bridge 14-17 July 1943

Primosole Bridge is a wargame that uses the Great Battles of Small Uni

Sales price: £14.95

Szczekociny 1794

Presents a key battle of the Kosciuszko Insurrection.

Sales price: £40.95

The Last Vikings: The Swedish Army at Kliszów 1702 and Fraustadt 1706

The game "The Last Vikings" recreates events of two battles - at Klisz

Sales price: £57.95

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