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Matanikau (Guadalcanal). Number 4

Open Copy, unpunched, Slight Shelf-Wear, rusting on staples and conten

Base price: £34.95
Final price: £11.95
66% discount!

GD '40 (The Battle for Stonne 1940) . Number 5

Open copy, never played. The Battle for Stonne, France 1940, Tactical

Base price: £35.95
Final price: £30.95
14% discount!

GD '40 (The Battle for Stonne 1940). Number 5

Still in shrink wrap, shelf wear to back of box. The Battle for Stonn

Final price: £35.95

Semper Fi : Korea. Number 10

Excellent Condition Unpunched Copy Tactical Combat Series, Game No 10

Base price: £59.95
Final price: £50.95
15% discount!

A Frozen Hell: The Winter War,1939. Number 12

Rare copy The Battle of Tolvajari, Russo-Finnish War - late 1939.

Final price: £54.95

Ariete: The Battle of Bir el Gubi, Libya (TCS)

Ariete is a Tactical Combat Series (TCS) game covering the Italian Ari

Base price: £35.95
Final price: £31.95
11% discount!

Semper Fi : Korea. Number 10

Excellent part-punched copy, content is in great condition punched cou

Base price: £59.95
Final price: £43.95
27% discount!

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