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The War of 1870

In this game, an evolution of The Marshals series for the campaigns of

Final price: £24.95

Alesia: 52AD. Number 21

June 21, 1813, the Duke of Wellington delivers to the army of the King

Final price: £8.95

Crete: 1941. Number 22

Vae Victis issue 22: The game is designed by Franck Yeghicheyan and co

Final price: £9.95

The Battle of Matz: June 1918. Number 24

Magazine game published in Vae Victis #24, jan-feb 1999 The game cove

Final price: £12.95

Kharkov: 1943. Number 25

Vae Victis issue 25. This game covers the operations "Star"

Final price: £9.95

Leuthen. Number 32

Vae Victis 32: A simple game designed by Sylvain Ferreira, covering th

Final price: £8.95

From Bull Run to the Appomatox. Number 36

Vae Victis 36: The game is designed by Franck Yeghicheyan and is a ga

Final price: £8.95

Barbarossa 1941. Number 43

Vae Victis issue 43: The game is designed by Jean-Claude Bessida and c

Final price: £8.95

By the Edge of the Sword. Number 45

Vae Victis iossue 45: A simple tactical wargame designed by FrédÃ

Final price: £14.95

Always on Point: Koursk - 1943. Number 51

Vae Victis issue 51: En Pointe Toujours (EPT) is a company-scale tact

Final price: £7.95

Field of Battle : Asia . Number 53

Vae Victis issue 53: The fourth appearance of the "Champs de Bataille"

Final price: £7.95

D-Day : 1944. Number 57

The first days of the Normandy landings. D-Day: 1944 simulates the fi

Final price: £9.95

Alsace : 1944 - The Rhine & Danube. Number 59

Vae Victis issue 59: The game is designed by Luc Olivier and Christoph

Final price: £7.95

The Seven Years War : 1756 - 1763. Number 65

Vae Victis issue 65: The game is designed by Jean-Claude Bessida. It c

Final price: £7.95

The Flower in the Rifle: The first battles of August 1914. Number 68

Vae Victis issue 68: The game is designed by Jean-Claude Delhez and re

Final price: £11.95

Feudalism & Operation Pedestal. Number 69

FEUDALISM : Christo regnante, regem sperante Feudalism is a card game

Final price: £8.95

Korsun 1944: The Cauldron Little Stalingrad on the Dnepr? . Number 72

Vae Victis issue 72: The game is designed by Nicolas Stratigos and Ch

Final price: £7.95

Reichshoffen 1870 & Magenta 1859 : Commandos at Saint Nazaire. Number 73

Open copy, un-used. The second release of the "Les Grandes Batailles d

Final price: £16.95

Battle of Orel & The Invincible Armada . Number 75

The Battle of Orel 1919 during the Russian Civil War, October 1919. Gr

Final price: £7.95

Mious 1943. Number 85

The 30th July 1943, the 2nd SS PZ launched an attack against the South

Final price: £11.95

1631 Un Empire En Flammes. Number 127

An operational level wargame of one of the most legendary campaigns of

Final price: £13.95

Tempête sur Dixmude 1914 (Storm over Diksmuide). Number 133

Simulates the battle between the Belgian and French defenders of the c

Final price: £13.95

La Bataille de Neerwinden. Number 134

The game covers the battle between a French army, under command of Gen

Final price: £14.45

L'Été des Boxers (The Summer of the Boxers). Number 136

Solitaire game of the siege of foreign legations in Beijing in 1900.

Final price: £14.95

Cortes et la conquete du Mexique (Cortés and the conquest of Mexico). Number 137

Simulates on the strategic and tactical levels the campaign led by Her

Final price: £13.95

Hellespont 411-410 BC. Number 139

4th game in the Vae Victis series The Peloponnesian War.

Final price: £13.95

Who Dares Wins!. Number 140

A solitaire game on The Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) and SAS command

Final price: £14.95

Laudau or death!. Number 141

Two French armies separated by the Vosges face the Prussian and Austri

Final price: £13.95

Corbach 1760. Number 142

Corbach 1760 use the same system than Hastenbeck 1757 published in Vae

Final price: £13.95

Pyrrhus Imperator. Number 143

Special game issue, includes the wargame with die-cut counters "Pyrrhu

Final price: £13.95

The Eagles of the Danube. Number 144

March 1809, for months Austria has been arming itself to take its reve

Final price: £13.95

La Der des Ders (the war to end all wars). Number 145

As a single player or facing off against an opponent, will you succeed

Final price: £14.95

Hondschoote 1793. Number 146

Special game issue, includes the wargame with die-cut counters: Hondsc

Final price: £14.95

Lex Saxonum. Number 147

Special game issue, includes the wargame with die-cut counters: Lex Sa

Final price: £14.95

Assaut sur Suez 1956. Number 92

Open copy un-used. Assaut sur Suez is a game covering the French and E

Final price: £16.95

Les Batailles de St Albans. Number 96

Excellent Condition Unpunched Copy (includes English Rules)

Final price: £14.95

Second Bull Run. Number 148

A game for two players that simulates the main battle of the Northern

Final price: £14.95

Narvik 1940. Number 149

A game for two players that simulates the tactical combats around Narv

Final price: £14.95

Bautzen 1813. Number 150

Bautzen is a game for two players that simulates the second battle day

Final price: £14.95

Operation Rösselsprung. Number 151

Operation Rösselsprung 1944 features the first phase of the operation

Final price: £14.95
Final price: £14.95

Cedar Mountain 1862. Number 153

Available for Pre-Order. VaeVictis Issue #153 - Special Game issue in

Final price: £14.95

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