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Singapore - The Fall of Malaya

Number: 96

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Has a noticeable crease across the top of the magazine, from long-term storage.

S&T #96 1/83

Berg's Review of Games R. Berg
Books in Review Editors
Computer Conflict I. Chadwick
FYI Editors
MOVES Gaming Section Editors
Polishing of Bayonets D. Cook
Simulation: Singapore- The Fall of Malaya C. Kamps, J. Pickens

Singapore is a two player wargame covering the Japanese invasion of the British Malaya in World War 2. The game is operational in scale, with units representing brigades and regiments. The mapsheet consists of two maps, a large scale map of Malaya as well as a more detailed map of Singapore island. The earlier turns of the game takes place on the larger Malayan map, and play moves to the smaller Singapore map only towards the end of the game, when the Japanese prepare to assault the island.

Game components consist of one mapsheet, 100 counters, rules and game charts.

To the Malay Barrier J. Prados

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