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C3I Magazine

Number: 6

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Game Modules

The Battle of Telamon, 225BC
The defeat at Telamon was avenged by the Celts within a decade, in a burst of glory at Cannae. A complete Great Battles of History module.

10 Mago: Youngest of the Lion's Blood
Three new battle modules for SPQR: Celt-Iberia; Po River; and Mago Lives, a what-if variant for Zama.



16 Carthaginian Commanders of the Second Punic War
Who was who in the Second Punic War? A scoreboard listing with major commanders and other leaders who fought for Carthage.

20 The Rise of the Luftwaffe and Eighth Air Force
Two after action reports detailing the ebb and flow of air combat in the first two volumes of the Down in Flames series, plus designer's notes.

29 Rise of the Luftwaffe Campaign Variant
Squadron generation, from the Boys of Abbeville to Yugoslavia.

30 Three Days of Gettysburg: McPherson's Ridge & Iron Brigade Scenarios
Two new scenarios for both beginning and experienced players.

36 Britain Stands Alone: From the Admiralty's Point of View
The Admiralty was more than willing to defend England -- but not defend England to the death. These men were not great risk takers.

39 Britain Stands Alone: New Air Variants
There is still room for other what-ifs in Britain Stands Alone, without stretching plausibility. Two variants, one for each side, can be added.

41 Britain Stands Alone: Options & Rules Clarifications
Even more what-ifs for Britain Stands Alone, plus some design and development insights and rules clarifications.

43 Rules Clarifications
Three Days of Gettysburg, Eighth Air Force, Diadochoi



2 From the Editor's Desk
3 Inside GMT
4 News & Info: In the Pipeline
33 On the Drawing Board
46 Communication Link: Letters
47 Feedback Questions & Results

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