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Campaigns of Marlborough

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Very good unpunched copy

Vol.1 No.61 Feb 1987 GAME: Campaigns of Marlborough (by W.P.Guthrie This army-level strategic game is a simulation of the battles of The War of the Spanish Succession, 1702-1714.

One player takes command of the French; the other player plays the Allied forces (British, Dutch, Austrians, etc.).

Combat usually results in a percentage loss of units from both sides, a demoralization of from 1 to 6 turns, or both. Nine scenarios and one Campaign game cover major battles such as Blenheim, Moselle, Landau, or the complete War.

Victory is dependent on the scenario being played, but in most instances it is based on points gained through capturing and eliminating opponent's units, capturing supply trains, and occupying cities and fortresses.


Over the Hills and Far Away - J.

Hind - Historical background to "Campaigns of Marlborough"

Manchester Board Wargamers - L.Nathan, G.Woodhouse - Thoughts on the Club Concept

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Computer Wargames - Antietam (SSI) - M.Mclaughlin, L.Franks - Chickamauga (GDW) - M.Mclaughlin, L.Franks - 'Nam (SSI), Conflict in Vietnam (Microprose) - M.Mclaughlin, T.Tuohy

War to End Wars (3W) - G.Etnyre,

R.Greco - Game Review Briefings - Pleasant Hill (S&T-106) -

P.Dangel - The War Machine (Borealis) -

J.Alsen - Ancients (GoodI) -

D.Casciello Errata for Anvil-Dragoon: Southwall 1944 (Wgmr-60) G2 -

Hobby News - K.Poulter Mightier Than the Sword - Book reviews

Good Condition, Unpunched Copy.

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