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Fortress Stalingrad

Number: 124

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S&T #124 9/87

Designer's Forum J. Miranda
Developer's Notes C. Perello
FYI A.A. Nofi
Fuhrer's Will: Hitler & the Stalingrad Pocket Ty Bomba
Italian Carriers in WWII LCDR C. Schuster
Simulation: Fortress Stalingrad Ty Bomba

Fortress Stalingrad is a strategic/operational level simulation of the Soviet Winter Counter Offensive in 1942-43. Many have called this to be the single most important Campaign in all of World War II.

Included are a 20 page rulebook (including charts and tables), 200 counters, and a 22" X 34" mapsheet.

The Soviet player gains victory points based on objectives and German unit losses. If he gains more than 110 points in the 12 game turns, he wins. If the German player holds the Soviets to less than 100 points, he wins. The game is delared a draw if the point total is between 100 and 110.

Union Army Corps in the Civil War David Martin

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