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Great War at Sea: Jutland - Prizes of War

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Another DIY product for the GWAS series, adding the French and Russian Navies as prizes of the British and Germans. From the APL website...

"Different courses of the Great War might well have seen warships of the Marine Nationale or Imperial Russian Navy serving under British or German colors: taken as booty by a victorious Germany (the actual fate of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet), seized by Britain to prevent their falling into enemy hands following the defeat of an ally, sold in the face of more pressing priorities on land or a different ending to hostilities.

Transferred to the North Sea arena across which the war’s two principal naval antagonists faced each other, the more modern of these ships could well have played critical roles in determining whether Britannia or Germania would ultimately hold Neptune’s Trident.

Prizes of War is a supplement for the Great War at Sea series that allows players to examine this question of alternate history.

French and Russian ships from our Jutland and Mediterranean games are allocated to the Royal Navy and Kaiserliche Marine, and included in a series of 10 battle and 11 operational scenarios set in and around the North Sea.

Prizes of War includes 70 playing pieces and a downloaded booklet. Playing all the scenarios in this supplement requires the included pieces plus maps and pieces from our Jutland game (and no others!).

Prizes of War was sold exclusively via .pdf download. The playing pieces are not die-cut and mounted,(These have been printed on an A4 label, you will need to assemble these yourself)  and the scenario book has been printed on A4 paper.. 

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