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Simple Great Battles of History Battle Manual

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Simple Great Battles of History (Simple GBoH) has come to the pages of C3i Magazine in force. Based on the award winning GBoH series design of Mark Herman and Richard Berg, this special C3i publication contains Simple GBoH versions of every GBoH battle that has been included in the back issues of C3i Magazine from issue No. 1 through 14, and also the "C3i - SPQR Player's Guide".

Nearly sixty GBoH battles are featured in this new publication. These scenarios run the gamut from the early hoplite battles from the Persian Wars (Marathon, Plataea) through the Roman disaster at Teutoburg Forest during the reign of Augustus Caesar.

The C3i "SimpleGBoH Battle Manual" will consist of a playbook in the same style as the original SBGoH packet, plus a sheet of 140 counters to include the additional leaders needed to play the C3i scenarios, along with the few markers that are unique to the Simple GBoH system. As a special bonus, also included is a completely updated rule book/charts folio incorporating the latest errata and clarifications.

Please note: Although the rules are self-contained, you must have copies of the appropriate Great Battles of History game and/or module as well as the C3i article (the articles for the out of print back issues of C3i Magazine are available free, as PDF files, at the GMT Games website). And note that the original SGBoH packet is still available, providing conversions for the previously published GBoH games and modules.

This new C3I "Simple GBoH Battle Manual" is edited by Alan Ray (Great Battles of History series developer) and Rodger B. MacGowan (C3i Magazine Editor-in-Chief and Publisher).

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