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Wellington in the Peninsula

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Wellington in the Peninsula is a strategic level, area movement system wargame of the Peninsular Campaign of 1808-1814, during the Napoleonic Wars.


Wellington in the Peninsula consists of nine separate and complete Situation Games, of from six to twelve Game-Turns each and one Campaign Game of 72 Game-Turns.


Wellington in the Peninsula is played on a map of the Iberian Peninsula and Southern France which has been divided into distinct geopolitical areas to regulate movement.


In addition to the basic rules of the game, there are a number of optional rules and variable historical versions which may also be played out, thus permitting Wellington in the Peninsula to be as simple or as complex as the players desire.


Wellington in the Peninsula comes complete with a 22" by 28" mapsheet, 200 die-cut counters, a rules booklet and a die."


Game turns represent about 30 days each in terms of real time.


Sequence of play is IGO-UGO.


Rules cover Movement, Sea Movement, Combat, Supply, Occupation and Control, Fortifications, Sieges and Siege-Trains, Cadiz and Gibralter, British Special Rules (Royal Marine Raids, British Sea Evacuation, British Mediterranean Command Control), French Special Rules (French Guerrilla Attrition, French Occupation Forces), Spanish and Portuguese Special Rules (Spanish Command Control, The Spanish National Junta, Spanish Combat Strength Limitations, Portuguese Militia, Capitals) and Optional Rules (Leaders, Hidden Movement, Variable Historical Forces, Free Setup, French Optional Reinforcement Arrival, Winter, Multi-Commander Games, Diplomatic Options, Wellington in Miniature).


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