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- “COMPANY BRIEFING: First Decade Under Our Belt” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
- “FROM THE EDITOR: Color, Canadians, and Comic Relief” (Editorial) Frank Watson
- “INSIDE EUROPA: On Stage with a P-51” (Historical) John Astell
- Second Front – “INSIDE EUROPA: Second Front Designer's Notes: Canadian Forces” (Historical) John Astell
- “HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: The Canadians in World War II” (Historical) Brian K. McKie
- “HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Canadian Military Organization” (Historical) Brian K. McKie
- “HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Canadian-Built Vehicles and Weapons” (Historical) Rich Velay and Frank Watson
- “ORDERS OF BATTLE: Canadian Army OB: Sep I 39 to Jun II 43” (Historical) David Hughes
- Second Front – “ORDERS OF BATTLE: The Canadians in Second Front” (Historical)
- Second Front – “EUROPA BATTLE SCENARIO: The Long Left Flank - The Hard Fought Way to the Reich” (Scenarios) Brian K. McKie
- Second Front – “HOME FRONT: SECOND FRONT: A Logistical System for the SF Allies” (Variant Discussion) Bradley A. Skeen
- Second Front – “EUROPA BATTLE SCENARIO: Raid on Dieppe - 19 August, 1942” (Scenarios) James Broshot, Jason Long and Frank Watson
- Second Front – “EUROPA AS HISTORY: Operation Jubilee - Disaster at Dieppe” (Historical) Frank Watson
- “HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Shingles from Dieppe's Shore” (Historical) David Lippman
- “EUROPA SIDE TRIPS: The Victoria Cross” (Historical) Randy Moffat
- “EUROPA ALOFT: The Hawker Typhoon and Hawker Tempest - Hawker's Second generation of Violent Winds” (Historical) Jason Long
- “EUROPA STAFF COLLEGE: Rule 5 – Zones of Control” (Discussion) Frank Watson
- War in the Desert – “RULES COURT: War in the Desert Errata” (Discussion) John Astell
- “THE READER ALWAYS GETS THE LAST WORD: EXchange” (Commentary) Readership

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