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- “COMPANY BRIEFING: A Year of Promise” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
- “FROM THE EDITOR: More Messing About in Boats” (Editorial) Frank Watson
- “HOME FRONT: Some Thoughts on a Europa Naval System” (Discussion) David Tinny
- Fire in the East/Scorched Earth – “EUROPA VARIANT: Scorched Earth Naval System” (Variant) A. E. Goodwin
- Fire in the East/Scorched Earth – “COUNTER SHEET SPECIAL EDITION 1” (Insert) A. E. Goodwin
- Second Front – “RULES COURT: Second Front Questions and Answers” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay
- “EUROPA ALOFT: Me and My Ilyusha: The Il-2 and Il-10 Shturmovik” (Historical) Jason Long
- “THE READER ALWAYS GETS THE LAST WORD: EXchange” (Commentary) Readership

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