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Arne 2

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Theme:      Family Games     

The concept of Arne is new. Arne is cheeky, creative, and chaotic. And always spiced with the most unexpected turns. As a player, you change the direction of the game, take over someone’s turn, protect your own cards, steal someone else’s and wreck the strategy of your opponents. Your luck can turn at any moment: Arne literally goes every which way.

Arne is suitable for all ages. A few practice games, and children from the age of seven start playing seriously. Boys and girls mainly enjoy the high tease factor of the game. But the countless combination possibilities make the game just as much fun for adults. You don’t have to know Arne inside out to score well: luck plays an important part. Parents, children, grandparents … everybody’s chances for winning are the same

Boxed, still in shrink-wrap

Includes rules in Dutch, French, English, German and Czech.

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