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Conquest of Paradise Deluxe 2nd Edition

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NOTE: The reprint edition of Conquest of Paradise will include a MOUNTED MAPBOARD and a set of Solitaire Rules.


The Time: Circa 500 A.D.

The Place: The first islands of a new culture, later to be known as Polynesia.

The Situation: You lead a tribe looking to expand its influence throughout the South Pacific.


Conquest of Paradise is a game of empire building in the "Polynesian Triangle" of the central Pacific Ocean for two, three, or four players. Players explore the unknown ocean around them, hoping to discover the most lucrative island groups, and colonize them. They build canoes and train warriors to create a force to defend their empire, while forging lines of communication with their developing discoveries. Resources are scarce; using them wisely is a key to victory. Investing in exploration widens your empire. Building warriors strengthens your empire. Investing resources into cultural innovations can yield unexpected dividends, like tattooing, hula dancing, surfing, or even the giant moai statues of Easter Island fame.


Conquest of Paradise is a well-tested, fast-playing design geared to appeal to players who enjoy games like New World, Civilization, and Conquistador. You can learn the game in 10-15 minutes and finish a complete game in 60-90 minutes.


Conquest of Paradise is a game of exploration and empire building, but also (as you'd expect from a GMT game) CONFLICT. Choosing when to build those expensive warriors, and when and where to fight, given limited resources, is key to your success.




One 34" x 22" colour game board of the Pacific Ocean, spanning from Australia to America

176 colourful 5/8" game pieces depicting Polynesian warriors, canoes, and colonists

140 additional 1/2" game markers, representing Polynesian villages, intensive agriculture, and discovered islands

50 Wood village markers

28 Discovery Tiles, depicting Polynesian island groups

28 illustrated cultural innovations cards

27 illustrated random event cards

One full-colour Rule Book with examples of play, advanced rules, historic references, and only seven pages of rules.

One Designer’s Notes book with twenty pages of Polynesian history, geography and mythology, player’s notes and designer’s notes.

Four full-colour 8 1/2" x 5 1/2” player reference cards

One six-sided die.

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