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Theme:      Family Games      Pre-Owned      Punched     

Product condition: used

Very Good Condition Punched Copy. Minor shelf-wear to the box, components are bagged/sorted. Slight foxing to the rules.

Players are "bosses" of organized crime in Chicago during the Prohibition era. Rival gangs fight over Speakeasies,

Gambling Joints, and Protection Rackets. They try to direct the public into their "stablishmunts", whilst keeping the donut-boys-in-blue out. Using their Racketeers,

Thugs and Vamps the players try to obtain joints and make money from the "unsuspecting" public who just happen to walk in to them.

The game is fast moving, as each players turn is timed, and has some dire results. For example, when a hit is made the player who was shot gets a soaking (one trigger press only) with the *included* water pistol! There are numerous paths to victory that the players can take with their gang, with the twist that in the five player version one of the players has to play the cops...short-straw anyone?

Low to Medium Complexity : Solitaire Suitability Low : A game for 2 to 5 players : 45 minutes per turn.

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