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Panzer Expansion #1: The Shape of Battle – The Eastern Front

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Theme:      WW2      Andy's Picks      Open Copy     

Open Copy, never been used. Like new condition

This first expansion set for Panzer includes detailed TO&Es for the German and Soviet forces covering the entire war period from 1940 through 1945. It also includes a focus on what many consider to be the most intense tank battle in history, Kursk, with OBs for both forces and TO&Es for four of the most notable German divisions at the moment they saw action during that historic conflict – Grossdeutschland Panzer Grenadier Division, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd SS Panzer Grenadier Divisions.

This first expansion set also includes the first four double-sided geomorphic mapboards. With them, players can recreate any number of tactical battles reminiscent of those actions fought out of the seemingly endless steppes of Russia.


  • Counters 176 – double-sided 7/8” (2 sheets)
  • Map Panels 4 – 10” x 27.75” double-sided geomorphic maps [panels 1-8]
  • Data Cards 5” x 4” (see below German/Soviet)
  • German: 26 double-sided PzKpfw II/F PzKpfw 38(t)/E-F PzKpfw III/G PzKpfw III/N PzKpfw IV/E PzKpfw IV/F1 PzKpfw IV/F2 PzKpfw IV/J Panzerjäger I Marder III Marder III PaK36(r) StuG III/B StuG III/F StuH 42 StuG IV Jagdpanzer IV Jagdpanzer IV/70 Jagdpanther Nashorn Hetzer Elefant Jagdtiger Brummbär Grille 33 PzKpfw III (F1) SPW 251/2 SPW 251/9 SPW 251/10 SPW 250/1 SPW 250/7 SPW 250/8 SPW 250/9 SPW 250/10 PSW 221 PSW 221 sPzB PSW 222 PSW 231 PSW 233 Light and Medium Limber Wirbelwind Möbelwagen 2cm FlaK Zgkw 1t 3.7cm FlaK Zgkw 5t SPW 251/17 2.8cm sPzB 41 3.7cm PaK 36 ATG 5cm PaK 38 ATG 8.8cm PaK 43/41 ATG 2cm FlaK 38 AAG 7.5cm leIG 15cm sIG Ju 87 B-1 and Ju 87 G-1 Aircraft
  • Soviet: 12 double-sided T-60 M42 T-34/76 M41 T-34/76 M42 KV-1 M42 KV-2 M41 KV-85 M43 IS-3 M45 SU-122 M43 ISU-152 M44 ISU-122 M44 OT-34 M42 BA-64B M43 M3A1 Scout Car M2 APC M17 MGMC 45mm M37 ATG 45mm M42 ATG 76.2mm M36 ATG 85mm M44 ATG 100mm M44 ATG 37mm M39 AAG 85mm M39 A/ATG 76.2mm M27 IG Su-2 and Pe-2 Airctaft
  • 52 pages German TO&E Booklet
  • 36 pages Soviet TO&E Booklet
  • 28 pages  Reference & Scenario Book


Game Design: James M. Day

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