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Scenarios 81 - 90 (Squad Leader)

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Theme:      WW2      ASL      Andy's Picks     

Like New, but shows its age.

"Squad Leader, Avalon Hill's game of tactical combat in the second world war, together with its companion games Cross of Iron, Crescendo of Doom and GI, Anvil of Victory, is one of the most popular wargames of all time. Now, World Wide Wargamers, in association with Avalon Hill, offer 10 more scenarios for the Squad Leader series. These varied and exciting scenarios include commando raids, bitter rearguard actions, combat in the snowy wastes of the north, river assaults and much more. Designed by Andy Bagley, Simon Haines, and Courtney Allen, doyen of SL scenario designers, these scenarios have been specially created to capture the fullest excitement of Squad Leader, Cross of Iron, Crescendo of Doom and GI, Anvil of Victory."

The following scenarios are included:

81: A BRIDGE TOO NEAR; April 21st, 1940; Verdal, Central Norway
82: TO LOSE A BATTLE; May 16th, 1940; Clairfayts, France
83: THE FINAL ATTEMPT; May 22nd, 1940; Cambrai, France
84: LE PARADIS; May 26th, 1940; Le Paradis, France
85: THE FAR BANK; July 7th, Ulla, Russia
86: RAID ON VAAGSO; December 27th, 1941; South Vaagso, Norway
87: THE BRUNEVAL RAID; February 28, 1942; Channel Coast
88: THE BACKWATER OF WAR; May 6th, 1942; Near Kestenga, Northern Russia
89: CHERKASSKOYE; July 5th, 1943; Cherkasskoye, Russia
90: THE BRIDGE AT KANEV; September 23rd, 1943; Kanev, Russia

This collection of scenarios had a lower standard of production than the original in-box sets. 
The actual games tried to set some more novel scenarios. The Raid on Bruneval being particularly good.

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