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Andy's Picks

C3I Magazine. Number 6

Game Modules The Battle of Telamon, 225BC The defeat at Telamon was

Sales price: £21.95

Simple Great Battles of History (2nd Ed.)

Simple Great Battles of History (Simple GBoH) 2nd Edition

Sales price: £16.95

Operation Dauntless: The Battles of Fontenay & Rauray, France 1944

Excellent condition punched copy The barrage was tremendous, distance

Base price: £58.95
Sales price: £39.95
32% discount!

The Last Success: Quadrigame of the War Against Austria, April – July 1809 (1st Edition)

These four games explore the major battles of 1809, where the French A

Base price: £99.95
Sales price: £89.95
10% discount!


Very Good Condition Un-punched Copy Medieval is a card game for 3-to

Base price: £49.95
Sales price: £29.95
40% discount!

A World at War: Second World War in Europe and Pacific (2nd Printing)

PLEASE NOTE: This also includes (separately in a zip-lock bag) the 3rd

Base price: £195.00
Sales price: £150.00
23% discount!

Mollwitz & Chotusitz: Battles of the First Silesian War (BAR). Number 9

Contains the first two battles of Frederick the Great's career.

Sales price: £76.95

C3I Magazine. Number 5

Game Modules Russo-Finnish Winter War" Down In Flames campaign

Sales price: £24.95

Gettysburg: High Tide of the Confederacy (Phoenix)

Very good unpunched copy. Minor shelf-wear to box.

Sales price: £34.95

Kreta - Heavy Duty Map Upgrade

Heavy stock two piece map - Note MAP ONLY

Sales price: £17.95

C3I Magazine: The Battle of Wakefield. Number 31

The Battle of Wakefield a War of the Roses game & new variant scenario

Sales price: £31.95

Drive on Frankfurt . Number 1

Operational level Modern combat in Europe fighting for the Fulda Gap,

Base price: £24.95
Sales price: £17.95
28% discount!

HOB Update: SS I / SS II

Due to customer feedback and demand, the scenarios from HOB Waffen-SS

Base price: £25.95
Sales price: £20.95
19% discount!

(ASL) Tactical Playing Cards

108 Tactical Cards designed to add a fun element to ASL gameplay.

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £24.95
17% discount!

Special Forces II: Küstenjäger! (SFII)

Special Forces II - War in the Aegean Sea! A Battle Pack with Scenario

Sales price: £34.95

Salamanca (1976) (Maplay Games Ltd)

Shop-spoiled from long term storage, open copy. Condition verified as

Base price: £34.95
Sales price: £19.95
43% discount!

Scenario 300's (Squad Leader Scenarios)

A pad with 10 G.I. Anvil of Victory scenarios for the Squad Leader ser

Sales price: £15.95

Rogue Scenarios (Squad Leader)

New, but show light shelf wear due to age.

Sales price: £14.95

G.I. Anvil of Victory Scenarios 91-100

Like New, but showing their age. Ten scenarios for the Squad Leader Se

Sales price: £14.95

Sandomiercz: Titans of the Battlefield August 1944

Very good unpunched copy. The first engagement between Tigers and Jose

Sales price: £19.95

Franco-Prussian War

Very good punched copy in its original white box. Some obvious signs o

Sales price: £105.00

Days of Decision III

Days of Decision III is a complete board-game of Global politics from

Base price: £68.95
Sales price: £58.95
15% discount!

General Magazine - Napoleon at Bay. Number 21.2

General Vol.21, No.2 1984 ------- FEATURE: NAPOLEON AT BAY

Sales price: £4.95

La Bataille de Ligny NO BOX. Number 5

The first of the COA games detailing the climactic moments of Napoleon

Base price: £150.00
Sales price: £79.95
47% discount!

The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC

Very good condition punched copy. Counters are bagged, but will need s

Base price: £74.95
Sales price: £59.95
20% discount!

Blue Max Miniatures Rules. Number

A set of rules to simulate air to air combat of world war I.

Sales price: £24.95

Wacht am Rhein: The Battle of the Bulge, 16 Dec 44 - 2 Jan 45

Very good condition partly-punched copy (unboxed). It comes in a large

Sales price: £150.00

Patton in Flames

Patton in Flames is a complete game that provides everything you need

Sales price: £75.95

Recon By Fire. Number 1

Excellent Condition. First issue of Fire!

Sales price: £49.95

1871: Fast Play Grand Tactical Rules For the Franco-Prussian War

The latest in Bruce Weigle’s popular “1870” series of rules for

Sales price: £35.95

ASL Journal 5. Number 5

ASL Journal 5 is Multi-Man Publishing’s magazine for Advanced Squad

Base price: £74.95
Sales price: £59.95
20% discount!

Matanikau (Guadalcanal). Number 4

Open Copy, unpunched, Slight Shelf-Wear, rusting on staples and conten

Base price: £34.95
Sales price: £11.95
66% discount!

Julius Caesar

Brings the drama of the Roman Civil War (49-45 BC) to life. Players ta

Sales price: £62.95

Red Russia: The Russian Civil War 1918–1921

The Russian Civil War 1918–1921.

Base price: £39.95
Sales price: £19.95
50% discount!

War of 1812

War of 1812 is an elegant strategy wargame depicting the Anglo-America

Sales price: £47.95

General Magazine - Circus Maximus. Number 17.5

Good Condition General Vol.17, No.5 Jan-Feb 1981 ------- FEATURE

Sales price: £7.95

Burma (1st Edition). Number 6

Excellent unpunched copy, no rusting, content is well looked after, bo

Sales price: £86.95

General Magazine - Crescendo of Doom. Number 17.2

General Vol.17, No.2 July-August 1980 ------- FEATURE: CRESCENDO

Sales price: £9.95

Rommel at Bay

Rommel at Bay - Allied offensive in southern Tunisia

Sales price: £54.95

General Magazine -Stalingrad. Number 17.6

Very Good Condition General Vol.17, No.6 Mar-Apr 1981 ------- F

Sales price: £7.95

The Price of Freedom: The American Civil War, 1861-1865

Very Good Condition, Partly-Punched Copy.

Base price: £68.95
Sales price: £48.95
29% discount!

Soldier Emperor: 1st Edition

Napoleonic Wars in Europe, 1803-1815. Two copies only

Base price: £74.95
Sales price: £44.95
40% discount!

Gazala 1942

Gazala simulates the critical battle in the summer of ’42 that led t

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £14.95
50% discount!

General Magazine - War & Peace. Number 17.1

Good Condition General Vol.17, No.1 May-Jun 1980 ------- FEATURE

Sales price: £7.95

Blood & Thunder WW2

Very good condition part-punched copy. Counters are loose and will nee

Sales price: £22.95

From Overlord to Berlin (English Edition)

A strategic wargame that simulates the end of the Second World War in

Base price: £19.95
Sales price: £17.95
10% discount!

War in the Pacific

War in the Pacific is a multi-level simulation of the Pacific theater

Base price: £419.95
Sales price: £415.95

Stand and Die: The Battle of Borodino 1941

The Battle of Borodino 1941, tactical level. Med complex, 650 counters

Sales price: £51.95
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