Industrial Waste

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In the past, profit was the only measure of success for a company. Although profit is still the most important measure of company success, there are other important factors that companies must consider when measuring success. Companies must now look beyon d the walls of their company to the world and realize their position in the world and the effect they have on it, especially how they handle the waste they produce as a by-product of their manufacturing process. Companies also must spend resources on technological innovations so the company can continue to be successful in the future.

In Industrial Waste, the players are the owners/managers of companies that are competing in this new world where profit, innovation, and environment must be balanced to be considered successful. The players must decide when and where to invest in innovation: rationalization, raw materials, and waste reduction. Innovation in rationalization allows a company to produce products with fewer co-workers, innovation in raw materials allows a company to produce products with less raw materials, and innovation in waste reduction allows a company to produce products with less waste. The first two allow a company to be more efficient. The latter allows a company to be more friendly to the environment. Government penalties make focus on environmental concerns important to a company wishing to avoid those penalties.

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