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Fire & Movement

Number: 82

Price £1.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      Magazines and Books     

Good condition, signs of shelf-wear from long term storage (minor foxing/grubbiness, staple rust, light creasing).
Cover intact and perfectly legible.

Games Reviews and Commentary that includes: Four Battles of the Ancient World, Arbela, Cannae, Pharsalus and Teutoburger Wald (Decision Games)/Wings Over France, WW1 Dogfights (Lambourne Games)/Thundrbolt+ Apache Leader, Tankbusters in Flight (GMT)/Zitadelle, Duel for Kursk 1943 (3W)/Honour Alone: The Hopeless Case, The Defense of Hong Kong 1941 (Pacific Rim Publishing)/Royalists and Roundheads, English Civil War (3W)/Body Vount in Laos, 1971 (Perry Moore Games)/Auerstadt, 1806, (Socomer)/Special Feature: American Civil War Anthology, Campaign Games/War of Words WIF vs. ETO, part 1

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