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General Magazine - The Western Front

Number: 28.4

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Very Good Condition Copy. Touch of staple rust, light creasing.

NOV-DEC 1991

B-17: Queen of the Skies – “The Battle of Berlin- A variant for B-17: Queen of the Skies” (Variant) Larry Cirelli

D-Day – “Once more unto the breach- An overview of the new D-Day” (Design) Richard Lanson Miller

Panzer Leader – “The Battle of Arracourt -New scenarios for Panzer Leader” (Scenarios) Alan R. Arvold

Advanced Civilization – “Aspects of Culture-Advanced scoring in Advanced Civilization” (Variant) Bruce Harper

War at Sea (second edition) – “Rheinubung on the Chesapeake-The 1992 Avaloncon War at Sea (second edition) tournament” (Discussion) Bruce Monnin

Advanced Squad Leader – “After Action report- The First Annual Advanced Squad Leader open” (Analysis) Gary Fortenberry

Advanced Squad Leader – “Bone of Contention- ASL Scenario G15” (Scenario)

Advanced Squad Leader – “The Whirlwind - ASL Scenario S” (Scenario)

Statis Pro Football – “Sports Special-Statis Pro Football, 1957 variety” (Variant) James C. Gordon

March Madness - "Sports Special Bonus - 1990,91,92,93 teams" (Variant) Don Greenwood

Up Front – “The Up Front Column - Hammer from the Sky 28-4/A” (Scenarios) George Kettler

Up Front – “The Up Front Column - Encounter at the Bulge 28-4/B” (Scenarios) Jim Murphy

Up Front – “The Up Front Column - Incident on the Elbe 28-4/D” (Scenarios) Mike Reed

Up Front – “The Up Front Column - The Deep,Dark Woods 28-4/C” (Scenarios) George Kettler

Legends of Robin Hood – “Purse of Gold- A Legends of Robin Hood variant” (Variant) Jared Scarborough

Acquire – “ACQUIZ- A test of your expertise in Acquire ” (Discussion) Michael Anchors

Advanced Squad Leader – “Scenario Briefing -Players notes for Advanced Squad Leader ,DASL Scenario A2” (Strategy) Mark C.Nixon

Panzer Leader – “PL-PBM-EZ- A complete PBM system for Panzer Leader” (Variant) Ray Freedman and Al Thomas

The Question Box - D-Day

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