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General Magazine - Thunder at Cassino

Number: 24.6

Price £3.95
Game Series

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Theme:      Magazines and Books      Damaged     

Includes inserts, also staples are rusty.

PLEASE NOTE: the postal order form is partially stuck to the pages of the magazine (the scenario sheet + page 25 Squad Leader. This may be "steamed" off carefully, if you have the patience, to render both pages legible. Sold as a damaged item.

Philosophy Part 126 Origins from Milwaukee


The Battles Of Cassino- The Hollow Victory by Courtney Allen is an historical overview of the battle

Digging In- Setting Up to Survive the Thunder by Donald Greenwood covers the German setup to best survive the initial Allied carpet bombing.

Series Replay- THUNDER AT CASSINO with Rex A. Martin, Don Greenwood, Tom Oleson

Theater Modifications- More Expansions for B-17 by John E. Ockelmann

Holding Hitdorf- Another Way to Rally [SL] by David A. Schaffer supplies a bit of drama then pitches for Medics in ASL

General Special Issue offered to the readership

- ASL Scenario G6: Rocket's Red Glare
- Contest 142 (Thunder at Cassino)

Squad Leader Clinic- No Hollow Threat by Jon Mishcon is about hollow charge weapons

Assault On Italy- The Beaches of ANZIO by David R. Smith

By The Book- A Manual of Advanced Tactics for PGG by David S. Bieksza

Axis Southern Yearnings- Mediterranean Power Play in THIRD REICH by Mark C. Nixon is the follow up to Man the Beaches in Vol. 24 #3

The Question Box- Thunder at Cassino, Third Reich, ASL

Infiltrator's Report

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