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Operations Magazine

Number: 26

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#26 Fall 1997

  • MiH Optional rules/Errata, MiH, Uli Blennemann
  • Not Dead among the Undead: an Origins Report, Hobby, Dan Cicero
  • Boyz in da House: a Second View of Origins, Hobby, Will Volny
  • Preview of Semper Fi!, TCS, Lee Forester
  • Small Scenarios for TCS, TCS, Arnaud Bouis
  • CWB Tactics Quiz, CWB, David Newport
  • No Glory: German Survival Strategies in Hube's Pocket, OCS, Dave Friedrichs
  • Through the Toothpaste Tube, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Quartermaster's Nightmare?, OCS, Dario Benedetti
  • OCS Revisited, OCS, Joel Tamburo
  • Out Brief: Dumb and Dumber, Hobby, Dave Demko

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